Putting Pets First

Putting Pets First

We see every pet as an individual. Each has his own way of delighting us, comforting us, knowing and loving us. And just as every pet is unique, so is every veterinary practice. So we promise to do what’s best for pets and for your practice. You and your team can trust that your hospital, your people, your clients and their pets will be taken care of.



“What’s fundamental to Lakefield is to provide meaningful communities for selling veterinarians.”

Your dream. Your vision. Your legacy.

This isn't just a financial investment. We know how much of yourself that you poured into your successful veterinary practice. And we believe the individuality of your practice and your community are paramount. So you'll retain your unique culture, character, community, and commitments.



“I liked that they were willing to work with me to make the transition as easy and comfortable for my employees as it was to me. I wanted to make sure it was as stress free as possible for them, and Lakefield allowed me to do that.”

Mollie Hoff

President & COO, Lakefield

“We wanted an opportunity for our team members to give back, so we’ve partnered with World Vets. We are spaying and neutering pets at no charge to the citizens of Nicaragua; it fits with the culture we’re trying to build, which is do the right thing. And we feel that we can do well by doing good.”

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